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The Next Industrial Revolution.

Green jobs are critical to our country's future. These jobs are most sustainable when derived from new business endeavors. By leveraging new, clean technologies that are more than competitive with our current energy-consuming practices we can create new jobs while reducing the demand for energy and precious resources.

Soy Many Possiblities...

Utilizing soy-based products in the manufacturing of building products is sustainable and environmentally sound. Soy is also plentiful; grown in 26 states, soybeans are America’s No. 2 crop after corn. In fact, if we converted the entire global market of wood composites to our technology we'd only use 6% of the world's available soy protein.

Substituting soy as a raw material for the petroleum ingredients should lower air emissions, while helping to preserve clean water and reduce worker exposure to potentially toxic compounds. Reducing industry dependence on petrochemicals and farm dependence on nitrogen fertilizers helps to conserve energy. Growth in the farm sector creates new jobs and stimulates both rural and urban economies.

Saving energy and trees.

e2e materials uses one-third of the energy required for average wood-based products dramatically reducing the carbon footprint of our facilities. Our material is also lighter, which requires less energy to ship, as well as handle and install.

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